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Welcome to Chalingal Rubber nursery

Welcome to Chalingal Rubber nursery, Dr.C.M.Jacob chalingal s/o chalingal C.T Mathew , puthuppalli valiyamudikkal family member has started a small scale rubber nursery at palakkayam irumbamutti in 1982. After years of hard work , the firm has developed into which it self more than 10 lakhs of rubber saplings in one year . Jacob also started several branches Chalingal rubber nursery around in kerala .

Jacob, whose fore fathers migrated and setted in Malabar long ago , is now showing ways to the new generations about new migrated ares. Jacob who points out the Karnataka , goa , Maharashtra like konkan areas are also suitable for rubber planting


Vision & Mission

In short, the innovation of this scientific technique has challenged and revolutionized the conventional method of Brown Budding and Green Budding. It adds a vibrant impact upon the rubber planters throughout Kerala and other rubber growing regions of India.

Kerala is often called the land of the Latex. Rightly so, Kerala makes up for a vast majority of the latex produced in India, making India a world leader in rubber latex exports. Within kerala, the district of Palakkad is famous for its vast areas of Rubber plantation.